Do you remember the time you were younger when your innocent minds marvelled at almost everything ? It all seemed so intriguing... Well sadly, that feeling fades away gradually with age. Fortunately, being a magician allows me to transport my spectators back into that childlike state of mind, experiencing wonder and amazement all over again. The laughter, and squeals of disbelief never fail to bring a smile to my face reminding me of the power of influence that my art has on people.  


With over 10 years of experience in performing the art of magic, Jerryl provides high-end corporate magic performances for company functions, weddings or F&B establishments. Whether it is a group of 5 or a crowd of 500, Jerryl is able to customise his shows to suit your needs so as to produce a hard-hitting performance for your guests. 

Having extensive experience in close-up magic, Jerryl has performed for several F&B establishments all over Singapore and he is also currently a resident magician at Gem Bar Singapore. His ability to combine his witty and playful personality into his style of magic allows him to closely engage his spectators, making it an event they will never forget. 





For a more interactive and personal touch, Jerryl offers close-up roving performances where he engages small groups of guests. This genre of magic allows for maximum audience participation thus everyone gets to be a part of the magical experience. He is able to fit the theme of your event be it a private party, wedding or corporate event. Shows are fully customisable.

F&B Magic Entertainment Promo

Jerryl has been a resident magician at Gem Bar Singapore (10 Ann Siang Hill)  for more than a year. Show times are stated below. Do drop by for a sneak peak of what he can offer!

Time: 10.00pm -11.30pm

Days: Every Friday






I would love to know about an upcoming event you are having ! It'll be great if you could fill me in on the details of your event and I will get back to you shortly :)

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